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Request A Trial In Front Of A Judge & Appear In Court

Pleading not guilty, Contesting your citation, or Requesting a trial in front of a Judge:
  • If you do not believe that you committed the offense and want the Judge to decide based upon all evidence presented, then you must request a trial in writing.
  • If you are charged under State law, then the State must prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt based upon the evidence presented in a trial. 
  • If you are charged under Knox County Ordinance, then the County must prove you are in violation of the ordinance based upon a preponderance of the evidence presented in a trial.
  • You do not have to prove your innocence. 
  • You must submit your not guilty plea in writing by emailing the Clerk’s Office (INSERT EMAIL LINK) by your court date.
  • Simply fill out the form and submit it to the Clerk. You will be contacted by mail or phone to notify you of your trial date.  You are responsible for following the progress of your case.

Request A Trial In Front Of A Judge & Appear In Court Form

  • Hire an attorney to represent you or represent yourself during your trial. On your assigned trial date, appear at 9:00 a.m. with your evidence and witnesses in 4 th Sessions Court on the Main Level of the City County Building. 
  • Contact the Clerk promptly to issue a subpoena for any witnesses you would like subpoenaed to testify.
  • The Officer who issued the citation will be subpoenaed to testify on behalf of the State or County, who will be represented by the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office. 
  • Contact the Agency who issued the citation if you would like to buy a copy of the videotape to present during your hearing. 

Please Note: The Judges and District Attorney General’s Office cannot discuss your case with you over the phone or through the mail, and cannot discuss your case with your family, friends, or employers on your behalf.

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