Knox County Tennessee


General Sessions Court is a court of limited and special jurisdiction. Currently, the Judges of the five Divisions of Sessions Court have jurisdiction over all civil cases (exclusive of divorce and worker's compensation) and all criminal offenses.

A. Civil Court

  1. Up to $25,000.00 in all civil cases, both law and equity.
  2. Unlimited as to actions to recover personal property.
  3. Unlimited as to an alternative money judgment for an action to recover personal property.
  4. Unlimited as to cases of forcible entry and detainer.
  5. Issue restraining orders and enforce the penalty provisions for violations of such restraining orders.

B. Criminal Court

  1. Preliminary hearings and trials for misdemeanor offenses.
  2. Preliminary hearings for felonies.
  3. Knox County Ordinances.
  4. Traffic violations
  5. Bonded Arraignment Court

The General Sessions Court Mediation Program provides the public with an opportunity to resolve some categories of civil and criminal disputes through the process of court-based mediation.

The Court's Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Program provides state funded alcohol and drug addiction inpatient treatment for indigent defendants convicted of DUI offenses.