Knox County Tennessee
Regional Forensic Center

About Us

The Knox County Regional Forensic Center (RFC) is the Medical Examiner for Knox and Anderson Counties. We also serve 21 other counties in Tennessee. We have a 35 person staff that operates 24/7, 365 days a year. As stated in our mission statement, “RFC strives to provide accurate, timely, compassionate and professional services for the citizens it serves.”

The RFC is located to an 18,000 sq. ft, state-of-the-art facility, which was made possible thanks to the support of Governor Bill Haslam and a $4.25 million grant from the state in 2015. When the building was renovated, the RFC staff provided input on the design and equipment going into the facility to ensure the RFC remained it’s reputation as one of the leaders in the forensic field. We are consistently adapting to any advances in forensics, so that we can continue to serve counties accurately and timely.

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Regional Forensic Center Mission Statement

“… to provide accurate, timely, compassionate and professional death investigative services for the citizens of Knox County and the counties it serves; identify and develop an understanding of sudden, unexpected and unnatural deaths and educate the public about those deaths; assist law enforcement agencies in their investigations; offer consults to medical professionals and attorneys; render unbiased opinions and testimony in court and extend research support for local and national medical, legal, academic and law enforcement organizations”