Knox County Tennessee


Clerk of General Sessions Court - Civil Division

The Honorable Charlie Susano
Room M30
City/County Bldg.
Phone: 865.215.2400
Phone: 865.215.2518 (Clerk's Office)

Clerk of General Sessions Court - Criminal Divisions

The Honorable Mike Hammond
Room 149
City/County Bldg.
Phone: 865.215.2492
Phone: 865.215.2375 (Clerk’s Office)

Courts Located in Knoxville

Howard Baker U.S. Courthouse - 800 Market Street

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee 865-545-4228
U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee 865-545-4279

City-County Building - 400 Main Street

General Sessions Criminal Courts (4)
First Sessions – Misdemeanor Court
Second Sessions – DUI Court
Third Sessions – Felony Court
Fourth Sessions – Traffic and Bonded Arraignment Courts
Criminal Courts (3)
Circuit Courts (3)
4th Circuit Court
Chancery Courts (3)
City Safety Building
800 East Church Avenue
Municipal Court  
Phone: 865.215.4311
Juvenile Court Building
3323 Division Street
Juvenile Court  
Phone: 865.215.6400
Old Courthouse
300 Main Street
General Sessions Civil Court
Juvenile Child Support Courts (3)
Post Office Building
501 Main Street
Tennessee Supreme Court 865.594.6700
Tennessee Court of Appeals 865.594.5240
Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeal 865.594.6428
Judicial Law Clerk, Esther L. Roberts
PO Box 2404
Knoxville, TN. 37901-2404
Phone: 865.215.2146
Fax: 865.215.3566