Knox County Tennessee

Driver's License

How to Obtain a Restricted Driver's License
  1. Valid only for a first time DUI conviction or refusal to submit to a breath test.
  2. Upon conviction and payment of all court costs and fines or entry into a court authorized payment plan, you can request a restricted driver's license.
  3. A restricted license authorizes a person to operate a motor vehicle (days and hours) for the limited purpose of going to and from and working at such person's regular place of employment or for going to and from and attending a court-ordered alcohol safety DUI program, or to a scheduled interlock monitoring appointment in the case of a student enrolled full time in a college or university, going to and from such college or university.
  4. Obtain a copy of Order for Restricted Driver's License from the Sessions Clerk counter.
    1. Complete all required information on the form.
    2. Obtain an SR-22 insurance form.
    3. Bring the Order for Restricted Driver's License and proof of SR-22 insurance to the Sessions Judges' secretary (Room M70).  Make arrangements to have the judge who heard your case sign the Order.
    4. Go to the Sessions Clerk's counter and obtain two certified copies of the restricted license.  This will cost $11.00.  The Sessions Clerk will keep the original of the license application and file it with the warrant.
  5. Within ten days of the judge signing the application form, take your SR-22 form and the two certified copies of the application to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  You will have to complete a driver's examination ($2.00) and pay $65.00 for the restricted license.
  6. You will be issued a temporary license for 45 days.
  7. Attach one copy of the Court Order to your temporary license.
  8. A permanent restricted license will be mailed to you from Nashville within 45 days after your driver's examination.
  9. If you restricted license is lost or stolen, return to the Sessions Court counter, obtain two certified copies of the original Order ($11.00) and take the certified copies to the Department of Motor Vehicles.  The DMV will issue you a temporary license.

If you have any questions concerning your restricted license call

Tennessee Department of Safety (Nashville)
Driver's Information Line