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Individuals downloading court forms from this site are personally responsible for the proper completion of the forms. Court Clerk personnel are prohibited from giving legal advice or interpreting rules of procedure concerning these forms. Notice is hereby given to all persons that Court Clerk personnel assume no responsibility for any misinformation regarding substantive law, procedural rules, local rules or local customs. Sample forms are available at the Clerk’s Office.

Civil Sessions' forms may not be filed by facsimile (fax). Any form requiring payment can not be filed by facsimile (fax) in the Circuit Court.

This office can not give legal advice however we have provided links to available resources. The East Tennessee Legal Aid Society and the Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and The Cumberlands each have websites which contain information for the citizens of Tennessee. Their websites are and, respectively.

The Administrative Office of the Courts' website (, besides providing forms translated into Spanish, Korean and Vietnamese, list programs available to citizens as well as opinions filed by all of the Appellate Courts and the sitting schedule for each Grand Division. The forms are for both civil and criminal cases and are formatted for Word and as a pdf file. Again this office has provided a link to their website.

Local Rule 5 provides that the approved forms for Knox County Civil Sessions are the only ones accepted for filing. The forms provided have been translated to Spanish, and are available (click here).

Circuit Court

*Document is a two-sided form - print front and back on one piece of paper.