Knox County Tennessee

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment (ADAT)

Knox County General Sessions Court participates in the state program known as “ADAT” (Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment) which provides state funded alcohol and drug addiction treatment for indigent participants who have been convicted of certain DUI offenses. The program covers a wide range of treatment modalities such as outpatient, halfway house, residential rehabilitation and residential detoxification. The Sessions Court Judge will determine if the defendant – post-conviction – meets the program criteria and can benefit from up to 28 days of inpatient treatment. The duration of treatment, other than inpatient care, will be determined by the treatment provider.

If the Court determines that treatment is appropriate, the Judge will enter an ORDER directing the defendant to undergo an assessment and receive inpatient treatment with an appropriate treatment provider. The defendant must sign a medical records confidential information release form.  The defendant must contact the assigned treatment provider for the required assessment.  The defendant must complete all aspects of the treatment program as designed by the treatment provider.

The Court Order, Assessment Order and a copy of the warrant are faxed to the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services (“Division of A&D). The Division of A&D reviews the case paperwork to confirm all criteria have been satisfied.  The Division of A&D then assigns a funding number to pay for the determined level of treatment. The Sessions Court and the treatment provider are notified by fax that state funded treatment is approved.

Upon completion of the inpatient treatment program, any remaining portion of the defendant’s sentence will be served in the county detention facility. 

The Court authorizes ADAT treatment as a condition of probation.

Revenue for the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Fund is derived from the sale of vehicles forfeited under the authority of Tenn. Code Ann. 55-10-403(k) and an ADAT treatment fee of $100.00 that is assessed for each conviction for a violation of Tenn. Code Ann. 55-10-401. Authorization to enter the program is base strictly upon the availability of funds.

Questions concerning this program contact

Esther L. Roberts
Judicial Clerk /Mediation Director