Knox County Tennessee

Traffic & Citation Court

Other Options For Appearing In Court

Pleading guilty with an explanation, Requesting probation/diversion, Requesting to speak with the Assistant District Attorney (ADA), or Requesting more time to pay your citation:
  • Appear in court on your court date provided by the Officer or on the reset date provided by the Clerk.
  • Bring all pertinent documents and information regarding your citation with you to court, such as a valid driver’s license, registration, insurance, or proof of vehicle repairs or sale/proof you no longer have possession of vehicle in question.  Bring any proof to court that you believe may mitigate or lessen your guilt.
  • If you wish to plead guilty with an explanation based upon any medical situation or emergency, you must bring all proof of such situation or emergency to court.
  • If you wish to plead guilty with a request for probation or diversion, or to keep a citation off of your driving record, first please contact the Clerk to see if you qualify for DIP.  Whether or not you qualify for DIP, you may still appear in court to present your request to the ADA and/or Judge.
  • If you were involved in a traffic wreck and received a citation as a result, please bring proof of insurance from the date of the wreck on the vehicle involved, or please bring proof that you have paid the other driver or their insurance company restitution for the damages.
  • If you are licensed out of state and/or live out of state, and you wish to appear in court, please bring a copy of your driving record and any relevant evidence for the ADA and Judge to consider.  If you are traveling from out of state, please contact the Clerk before traveling to ensure that you do not make an unnecessary trip or to ensure that you bring what you need to court.
  • If you were issued a citation, but you were driving someone else’s vehicle, you are still responsible for the citation that you received and need to bring all relevant paperwork on the vehicle to court with you if you choose to appear in court.  The owner of the vehicle cannot represent you in court.  Only an attorney can represent you in court if you choose not to represent yourself.
  • If you need more time to pay your citation after your first reset by the Clerk, then you must appear in court to ask the Judge.  Please bring proof to the Judge to show that you are making an effort to pay, or proof as to why you have not yet paid.
  • If the Judge has entered judgment against you in court, and you need more time to pay or to fully comply with the Judge’s order, then you must appear in court on your next court date to ask the Judge for more time.
  • If the Judge has entered judgment against you in court, and you have paid in full and have fully complied with the Judge’s order and provided proof of full compliance to the Clerk, then you do not have to appear in court on your next court date.
  • If you want to appear in court but are unable due to a medical situation, please fax proof of your medical situation to the Clerk’s Office prior to your court date to request a reset.  The Judge will decide whether or not to grant your request, and if so, the Clerk will notify you in the mail.  However, it is up to you to contact the Clerk to determine if the Judge granted your request if you do not receive a notice in the mail.
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