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Insurance Violations

  • If you had valid liability insurance at the time of your citation on the vehicle that you were driving, but you couldn’t find it in your vehicle or just forgot to carry it when you received the citation, then before your court date you can provide valid insurance proof to the Clerk’s Office without appearing in court and the Judge will dismiss your citation without costs. 
  • It is up to you to confirm with the Clerk that the Judge accepted your insurance proof and that your case was dismissed.
  • If you did not have insurance on the date the citation issued and you do not want to come to court, if you pay the insurance citation before your court date, that is an admission of guilt and will result in a suspension of your driver’s license.
  • Your driving privileges will be suspended by the Tennessee Department of Safety until you meet all of the requirements necessary for reinstatement.
  • You can always appear on your court date to speak with the ADA or Judge.
  • The contact information for the Department of Safety is as follows:
    Tennessee Department of Safety
    Financial Responsibility Division
    P.O. Box 945
    Nashville, TN 37202
    (615) 741-3954

For more information regarding Tennessee’s insurance laws, you may visit the TDOS website:

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