Knox County Tennessee

Traffic & Citation Court

Driver Improvement Program (DIP)

Qualifying traffic offenders may avoid appearing in court and still have their moving violation(s) dismissed and kept off of their driving record by complying with DIP:

DIP Qualifications:
  • Must not be charged with any violations that require an appearance in court
  • Must not hold a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Must not be operating a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) at the time citation issued
  • Must not be charged with speeding 90 MPH or over
  • Must not have attended a safe driving school anywhere in the past 12 months
  • Must have a clean driving record for the past three (3) years as verified by the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office.
  • Must not be charged with “No Point” Speeding citation.
DIP Requirements:
  • You must contact the Clerk by phone to confirm that you qualify for DIP
  • You must pay your citation in full
  • You must complete a Tennessee- certified 4-hour safe driving school and provide a copy of your certificate to the Clerk at the time you pay your citation
  • You may request one (1) reset over the phone after your first compliance date to comply with DIP
  • You must appear in court to request more time to comply with DIP if you need more than one (1) reset to comply

Safe Driving School Options

  • Knox County Sheriff’s Office Safe Driving School (In Person):
    Call 865.215.2520
    5:30 – 9:30 pm in the Small Assembly Room in the City-County Bldg.
    Cost is $65
  • Any other Tennessee-certified 4-hour safe driving school listed on the Tennessee Department of Safety’s website: