Knox County Tennessee

Traffic & Citation Court

Driver’s License Suspension Or Revocation

Failure to satisfy your citation, Suspension of your driver’s license, Applying for a restricted driver’s license, and Reinstatement of your driver’s license:
  • If you fail to pay your citation by your court date, then the Clerk will send a Court Action Report (CAR) to the Tennessee Department of Safety stating that you failed to satisfy your citation.
  • The Tennessee Department of Safety will suspend your license until you have met all requirements for reinstatement of your license, including payment of this citation and a reinstatement fee.
  • If you are licensed somewhere other than Tennessee, your licensing state will also be notified and your license could be suspended in that state.
  • If your license is suspended for unpaid citations you can apply for a Restricted License to drive to and from work or school by getting on a payment plan at all Clerk’s Offices where you owe money for unpaid traffic citations.
  • Failure to satisfy certain violations and/or failure to appear in court on those cases requiring a mandatory appearance may result in the Judge issuing an Attachment (warrant) for your arrest.
  • Even if you’ve never had a driver’s license, the Department of Safety will assign you a license number and your license then can be suspended.
  • Per Tennessee Code Annotated, failure to pay court costs on any case after 1 year of disposition will result in the revocation of your driver’s license.
  • Contact the Tennessee Department of Safety online at or call the Knoxville office at 865.690.6393, located at 430 Montbrook Lane, Knoxville, TN 37919, to find out what you must do to get reinstated.
  • Remember, it is a Privilege to Drive, not a Right!