Knox County Tennessee

Financial Reports

Monthly reports for the County Clerk shows all receipts and disbursements of the office, bank account reconciliation, as well as payroll expenses and monthly salaries. The Clerk's operating budget for office supplies and contracted services is approved by both the mayor and commission. The salary suit document, usually filed annually, is the vehicle which authorizes the County Clerk to hire and pay deputies and assistants. It also lays out the guidelines for salaries and other payroll-related expenses of the office. The County Mayor approves the salary suit before it is signed into law.

"I am making all of the office's receipts and disbursements, as well as staffing and payroll expenses, available and easily viewable by the public. My hope is that this will be another step in making Knox County's government more accountable to the people and absolutely more transparent."
-Sherry Witt, County Clerk

Monthly Reports