Knox County Tennessee

Strong Streams Program

The Strong Streams Program is an effort by Knox County Stormwater to educate the public on actions that they can take to reduce their contribution to water pollution at home and in their neighborhoods.

In 2017-2018, our focus is on planting or allowing a vegetated streamside (or riparian) buffer to grow up along the streams adjacent to private properties. The roots of native species hold the streambank in place, preventing erosion and land loss. Native trees, shrubs and grasses soak up rain and stormwater, reducing flooding and controlling potential mosquito breeding grounds. Native vegetation also provides shade to the creek, habitat for wildlife, and a food source for upland and aquatic species. Click the “Buffers” button below to learn more about the benefits of buffers.

Raising public awareness about stormwater infrastructure is another focus of the Strong Streams program. Our Storm Drain Art initiative aims to make storm drains in public spaces visible, appealing and educational. The goal with this initiative is to educate citizens about the fact that our storm drains lead directly to our local creeks and rivers in our community.

We also commission local artists to transform blank public spaces into educational murals about the importance of protecting the inhabitants of our streams and rivers. Click on the “Murals” button below to see images of local Strong Streams murals.

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