Knox County Tennessee

Knox County's Adopt-A-Stream Program

About Adopt-A-Stream

Knox County Stormwater Management is a member of the Water Quality Forum, and administers the Knox County arm of the Water Quality Forum’s Adopt-A-Stream program. The Adopt-A-Stream program is a citizen-based monitoring and litter-prevention program intended to protect the health and serenity of our local waterways, and to educate our communities on the environmental concerns that impact them every day on a personal level.

The mission of the Adopt-A-Stream Program is to educate and inspire local residents to care for the waterways in their community by engaging them in hands-on environmental action through stream clean-ups.

Adopt it!

Come with your family or gather your friends, coworkers, or associates and become a member of the Adopt-A-Stream program!

Participating groups will be asked to complete two stream clean-ups per year. A variety of optional add-ons are also available such as invasive species removal, tree planting, stream monitoring, and educational outreach events.

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Questions? Call (865) 215-5800 or email

Get in touch with an Adopt-A-Stream Coordinator in your area:

If you are in KNOX COUNTY:
(865) 215-5800

If you are in the CITY OF KNOXVILLE:
(865) 215-4321

If you are in the TOWN OF FARRAGUT:
(865) 966-7057

If you are in the CITY OF OAK RIDGE:
(865) 425-1875

(865) 805-4007