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Children’s Books

Three children’s books intended to make water quality and environmental science approachable topics inside and outside of the classroom are free for download. We are currently working on improving our education page by adding more resources and interactive activities that kids can use to learn about stormwater and water quality. Our staff and AmeriCorps members are also working on providing more virtual lessons for educators to accommodate remote learning

Clear Creek Catastrophe: Friendship, Tennessee is a town full of happy, healthy people. Everyone in Friendship is kind to their neighbors. But catastrophe strikes when people start to notice that beautiful Clear Creek is becoming brown! When someone gets sick from the water in Clear Creek, everyone in Friendship decides to make a change. Local soil and water experts teach the people of Friendship about pollution from animal waste. Will the town be able to make changes to help the water? This book was written to be read aloud to 2nd and 3rd graders.

Grade: 2nd and 3rd

Poly’s Pollution Problem: This is a story about Poly, a tiny microscopic piece of plastic. She travels from the comfort of a bathtub all the way to the river, where she finds out that she has turned into pollution. Pollution happens when people put unnatural things into nature. She realizes that people have been accidentally polluting the streams and rivers when they throw trash outside and on the ground. These actions can hurt both animals and people. Poly wants to make a change, so she works with other pieces of plastic, and the critters who live in the stream, to try to show people how dirty their water is! This book was written to be read aloud to 3rd and 4th graders.

Grade: 3rd and 4th

Strong Stream: This story invites the audience on a stream’s journey from a high mountain spring to a river valley. Along the way, you will meet animals that call the stream home and people who live and work on its banks. These people do not always treat their water well. But, if you listen to Strong Stream, you can help them change! This book was written to be read aloud to children in lower elementary grades.

Grade: 1st-3rd