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Storm Drain Style-Off

Why Paint Storm Drains?

In Knox County, as in most communities across the country, storm drains lead directly to our rivers and other surface waters. An ongoing and hazardous misconception is that the storm drains are “sewers” that lead to the wastewater treatment plant.  With this misconception, the storm drains are misused as a ‘safe’ way to dispose of waste such as soapy water, oil, paint, trash, and other pollutants.  When pollutants are disposed of via storm drains, they end up in our waterways.

Storm drain art initiatives have been successful in other communities nationwide at raising awareness about the fact that storm drains lead directly to local waterways. This awareness reduces incidences of littering and other common water polluting activities, and reminds people that only rain should go into the storm drains.

The 2018 Storm Drain Style-Off

The Storm Drain Style-off is designed as a public education project to inform the community of the connection the storm drains have with our waterways.

We will be partnering again with the Knox County Public Libraries to educate Knox County citizens about stormwater. We have designated 10 storm drains to be painted for this year’s project: 3 at the Cedar Bluff branch (9045 Cross Park Dr.), 2 at the Fountain City branch (5300 Stanton Rd.), 1 at the Halls branch (4518 E. Emory Rd.), 3 at the Howard Pinkston Branch (7732 Martin Mill Pike), and 1 at the North Knoxville branch (2901 Ocoee Trail).

Calling All Artists!

If you are interested in submitting a design for a painted storm drain, read the “Call for Artists” link below and then download the Artist Application.

Important Dates / Deadlines:

Applications are due by May 1, 2018

Artists will be notified after June 1, 2018

Painting takes place Friday, July 20th – Sunday, August 19th, 2018

Culminating / Recognition event: To Be Announced

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