Knox County Tennessee

Resources for Unrepresented Parties

Clerks Prohibited from Offering Legal Advice

Pursuant to statute and Local Rule of Practice 23, deputy clerks in the Chancery and Probate Divisions are “forbidden from interpreting any rules of procedure or giving any legal advice. Notice is hereby given to all persons that Court personnel assume no responsibility for any misinformation regarding substantive law, procedural rules, local rules or local customs.”

Clerks are allowed to provide contact information for legal assistance organizations, mediator and lawyer referral services, and other judicially approved programs providing assistance to self-represented persons.  To that end, the following information may be helpful.

Introduction to the Court System in Tennessee

For an introductory guide to the court system in Tennessee, please see: “Understanding Your Court System: A Guide to the Judicial Branch,” published by the Tennessee Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts.  This guide offers a useful overview of the Tennessee court system, as well as definitions of many commonly used legal terms.

The Guide can be accessed here.

Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts

The AOC provides support for Tennessee courts and offers numerous guides, forms and resources.

Legal Aid Organizations

There are organizations in Tennessee devoted to offering legal services at a reduced cost or no cost to qualifying citizens of Tennessee.  For more information about the services provided and potential costs, please contact the following organizations directly.

Please note:  Knox County Chancery Court and Court personnel make no warranties or representations regarding the quality, availability or outcome of any such legal service. 

Legal Aid of East Tennessee

(865) 637-0484

Legal Aid Society of Middle Tennessee and the Cumberlands


Lawyer Referral Service

The Knoxville Bar Association provides an attorney referral service and educational programs for the general public. Attorney services offered through this program are not free, but you can be referred to a local attorney in good-standing with whom you can complete an initial consultation about your legal problem.

Please visit the website for more information and to fill out a request form:

Tennessee Access to Justice

The Tennessee Supreme Court has created resources for individuals with limited resources.        1-844-435-7486