Knox County Tennessee


Knox County Chancery Court is pleased to make available certain forms on this website (.pdf format).  Individuals who utilize these forms, whether they be attorneys or self-represented parties, are solely responsible for the proper completion and use of the forms.  Court personnel assume no responsibility for any misinformation regarding substantive law, procedural rules, local rules or local customs.  Furthermore, Court personnel make no warranties or representations as to the outcome in any case regarding the utilization of these or any other forms.  It is strongly recommended that individuals with legal issues seek out the assistance of a properly licensed attorney.  

All forms are in .pdf format. Some forms are fillable from your desktop and others must be printed out and filled out by hand.

Trial Court Forms


Conservatorships and Guardianships

Fax Filing


Forms for Use in Opening Probate Estates

  1. Packet Petition For Letters Testamentary (With Will)
  2. Packet Petition For Letters Testamentary (Without Will)
  3. Oath of Personal Representative
  4. Cost Bond
  5. Rule 10 Certification
  6. Statement of Proposed Personal Representative
  7. Bond Waiver
  8. Inventory and Accounting Waiver
  9. Declination to Serve as Personal Representative
  10. Affidavit of Witness to Will
  11. Holographic Will Declaration

Forms for Use in Closing Probate Estates

  1. Status Report
  2. Statement in Lieu of Final Accounting by Heirs
  3. Statement in Lieu of Final Accounting Personal Representative
  4. Affidavit Notice to Creditors
  5. Affidavit of Notice to Tenncare
  6. Affidavit of Notice to Heirs
  7. Receipt and Waiver



Child Support

Parenting Plans



Forms Required for Appeal

Pursuant to recent changes in the Tennessee Rules of Appellate Court, a Cost Bond must be completed and returned to the Clerk and Master’s office, along with a cash deposit of $300.00 for preparation of the trial court record on appeal.

Appeal Bond for Costs (complete and return to Clerk and Master)