Knox County Tennessee

Access to Records

There are two ways to gain access to Knox County Chancery Court records:

  • On–Site Inspection
  • Records Sent by Mail

On-Site Inspection

Individuals wishing to inspect Chancery Court records are strongly encouraged to call in advance of the desired time for inspection.  Older records may take longer to retrieve from archives.  Please be aware that, depending on the date of filing, or location and size of the record, the Clerk and Master may be unable to immediately fulfill requests made for the first time at the Clerk and Master’s office.  In some cases, a requesting party who has not called ahead of time may have to return at a later date when such request can be fulfilled.    

The removal of any documents from any Court file is strictly forbidden.  

The temporary withdrawal of files or exhibits by attorneys of record or judicial officials from the Clerk and Master’s office is accomplished upon proper application with the Clerk and Master, and subject to the approval of the Chancellors.  

Records Sent by Mail

Requests for copies of records to be sent by U.S. mail are subject to all of the requirements and restrictions discussed above.  In addition, before the Clerk and Master will mail copies to the requesting party, the Clerk and Master must receive the following:

  • Full payment made by check or money order, payable to the Clerk and Master, (no credit cards are accepted for mailed records).
  • A self-addressed envelope, sufficient postage pre-paid, capable of containing the requested copies. 

Probate Records         (865) 215-2389

Chancery Records       (865) 215-3015