Knox County Tennessee

General Information - Child Support

Many child support matters are designated to a Magistrate (formerly known as the “Referee”).  Pursuant to Local Rules, the Magistrate “shall be limited to hearing, and shall hear, all petitions to grant, to modify and to enforce child support and to modify and to enforce alimony provided child support is also at issue.”  Local Rules of Practice, Rule 13(E).

The Magistrate, Brenda Lindsay-McDaniel, conducts hearings regarding child support matters for two courts:

(1) Knox County Chancery Court

(2) Knox County Circuit Court, Division IV (“Fourth Circuit”)

Please Note: If your case originated in Fourth Circuit, then you will have to contact Fourth Circuit or Child Support for information regarding your case.

Contact Child Support

Old Knox County Courthouse
300 W. Main Street
Court Room 327
Knoxville, TN 37902
Phone: (865) 215-2634

Inability to Attend Hearings / Rescheduling Hearings

To contact the Child Support Magistrate regarding inability to attend your scheduled hearing, or to reschedule a hearing, please call (865) 215-2634.