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Tire Recycling

Household Tire Recycling

Households may bring up to 4 standard car or light truck tires per person each year to any Knox County drop-off center, except the Carter Center. Large truck tires are not accepted. Rims are accepted with tires.  If you have more that 4 tires you must follow the procedures listed below. Dumping tires is illegal and can carry fines up to $1000 plus court costs.

Business, Organizations, Individuals with more than 4 tires

If you are a commercial entity or an individual who needs to dispose of more than 4 tires, contact Liberty Tire Recycling at 865-963-4980 for more information on fees, hours of operation and restrictions.

Tire Generators (tire shops)

Commercial Tire Dealers may be required to register with the State of Tennessee in order drop off their tires at the tire processing facility in Knox County.

More Information

For more information about tire recycling in Knox County, contact the Knox County Recycling Coordinator or call the Solid Waste Office at 215-5865.

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