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Unwanted Medication Collection

Proper disposal of unused and unwanted medications is a problem. Medications flushed down the drain are a problem for the water treatment system and the environment. Unused medications sitting in medicine cabinets, especially unlocked medicine cabinets, are a community safety problem because too often family members' medications end up being passed around at parties, in the hands of children, or stolen by people with drug addictions.

In order to address the problems of unused medication Knox County Solid Waste, in conjunction with The City of Knoxville Police Department,  the City of Knoxville Solid Waste Offices, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, The Metropolitan Drug Coalition, UT Academy of Student Pharmacists, and the Knox County Health Department, formed a Medication Collection Task Force. The task force supports and encourages proper disposal of medication in the community. The task force is unique because it addresses both environmental concerns as well as serious issues of drug addiction and how it relates to public safety.

In Knox County there are several permanent collection points listed below. Also, the task force occasionally hosts special one-day medication collection take-back events. For more information on special medication events visit or contact either Abby Strain at Knox County Solid Waste 215-5865 (ext 0) or Officer Craig McNew with the KPD at 215-7031.

Permanent Drop Boxes

City of Knoxville Police Station KPD Safety Building (24 hours a day, 7 days per week):

  • 800 Howard Baker Jr. Avenue

Residents may use this drop-off box, located just inside the Safety Building’s lobby, to dispose of expired or unwanted medications at anytime, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The KPD maintains a secure collection container at this location on a permanent basis. Contact Officer Craig McNew with the KPD at 215-7031 for more details about the permanent drop box.

Walgreens (call first):

  • 121 N. Northshore Dr., 865-588-6755
  • 1299 Oak Ridge Turnpike, 865-482-4828

Belew Drugs (call first):

  • 2021 N. Broadway, 865-525-4189
  • 8622 Asheville Hwy., 865-933-3441
  • 5908 Washington Pike, 865-525-4967
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Solid Waste Administrative Office

Phone: 865-215-JUNK (5865)
Fax: 865-215-5820

Solid Waste administrative Office Hours:
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