Knox County Tennessee

Electronic Waste Disposal

Knox County residential household electronic waste disposal locations:

  • Dutchtown Drop-off Center  – 10618 Dutchtown Road
  • Halls Drop-off Center – 3608 Neal Road 
  • Karns Drop-off Center – 6930 Karns Crossing Lane
  • John Sevier Drop-off Center – 1950 West John Sevier Highway
  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility –See the HHW website or call 215-6710  for more information.

Items accepted at Dutchtown, Halls, John Sevier, and Karns Drop-off Centers:

Computer equipment, PC systems, CPUs, monitors, mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, laptops, modems, hard drives, speakers, power cords, cables, phones, powers strips, desktop copiers, fax machines, and cell phones.

Accepted as Trash in Blue MSW Compactors (Municipal Solid Waste MSW)

Center users with televisions may place televisions into the blue compactors at any Convenience Center to be disposed of as trash as long as the TV fits in the compactor receiver. Center users with larger or heavy tube TVs, console TVs, big-screen TVs, or rear-projection TVs are urged to take their TVs directly to the City of Knoxville Transfer Station (fees apply) because, at the Transfer Station they can be pushed off/out of the vehicle and the user can drive away avoiding the difficulty of lifting the TV up and putting it into a compactor. For more information call the City of Knoxville Transfer Station at 865-215-6710.

Items NOT accepted at any Knox County Drop-off Center:

Materials containing hazardous chemicals such as lab equipment, dehumidifiers, refrigerators or A/C units are not accepted at County Convenience Centers. Most of these items are accepted at the HHW Facility or as trash at the Transfer Station. Visit the HHW website or call 215-6710 for more information.

More Information
For more information contact the Knox County Solid Waste Office.

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