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Erosion Control

Soil cover is the most important aspect of controlling soil erosion on construction sites. TDEC requires soil cover within 15 days of completion of grading on sites of one acre or more. Knox County encourages soil cover be installed as soon as initial grading is finished.

Temporary examples of soil cover are: straw, wood chips, mulch, geotextiles, temporary seeding, tarp, etc.

Erosion Control

Best Management Practices (BMP)
Two types of control are listed more maybe required see TDEC web site for more BMP's.

Construction Exits

A construction exit must be provided, however the listed measurements (in the handout) are a guideline for driveway erosion control.  A variation of this design may be utilized on a residential job site if it performs with keeping mud and soil off the road.

Silt Fences


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