Knox County Tennessee

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Knox County Board of Zoning Appeals is comprised of nine members. One member from each of the nine Commission districts is appointed by the County Commission to serve. The Board usually meets the 4th Wednesday of each month at 1:30 pm in the Main Assembly of the City County Building to hear requests for variances of the Knox County zoning regulations, appeals of Uses on Review, and appeals of Zoning Enforcement & Stormwater Engineering administrative decisions and penalties.

You can contact BZA members via email at

Board Members

  • 1st District – Curtis Brown, Sr
  • 2nd District – Jonathan Repass
  • 3rd District – Doug Lloyd
  • 4th District – Garrett Holt
  • 5th District – Cecil Anderson
  • 6th District – Terri Kerr
  • 7th District – Sherri Garrett
  • 8th District – Rebecca Longmire
  • 9th District – Paul Huff