Knox County Tennessee


Permit-by-Rule is a faster and less expensive method of permitting from the Knox County Department of Air Quality Management (Air Quality) for specific source categories. Currently, the following air contaminant sources are eligible to be covered under a Permit-by-Rule:

  • Gasoline dispensing facilities (GDFs);
  • Emergency stationary internal combustion engines/generators where the total heat input rate of all the engines/generators at the facility does not exceed 4.5 MMBtu/hr (642 bhp); and
  • Auto body refinishing operations that do not complete more than 50 jobs per week.

Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Permit-by-Rule.

  • Satisfies the requirement to obtain a construction and operating permit.
  • Reduces the application fees.
  • Reduces the processing time.
  • No expiration date.

Fill out and submit the appropriate Notice of Intent (NOI) forms to Air Quality for the construction of an eligible air contaminant source not less than seven (7) days prior to the estimated starting date of construction. For an existing air contaminant source, you will need to fill out a NOI-1 form requesting to be covered by the Permit-by-Rule.

Once Air Quality determines the application is complete, a Notice of Authorization (NOA) will be issued in place of a permit written specifically for the air contaminant source. This Notice of Authorization (NOA) acts as both a construction and operating permit and has no expiration date.

Below are the fees required for processing a Notice of Intent (NOI) and operating an air contaminant source under a Permit-by-Rule.

Notice of Intent fees

Any person submitting a Notice of Intent (NOI) to construct an eligible source must pay a fee of $150. This fee will not be refundable if a Notice of Authorization (NOA) is denied or if the Notice of Intent is withdrawn. No fee is required for an air contaminant source constructing or operating under an existing permit submitting a Notice of Intent to Air Quality.

Permit-by-Rule annual emission fees

Except for facilities that only operate emergency engines/generators, each facility operating under a Permit-by-Rule must pay an annual emission fee. The annual emission fee is due May 31st for facilities with a gasoline dispensing facility and September 30th for all others. The annual emission fee is based on the specific sources at the facility and the fee schedule contained in Knox County Air Quality Management Regulations Section 25.9. Please call 865-215-5900 or email if you have any questions or need assistance determining the fee.

The air contaminant source must be operated in accordance with the terms listed on the Notice of Authorization (NOA) and any other applicable requirements from the Knox County Air Quality Management Regulations, including annual emission fees.

If any operational changes are planned that will make the air contaminant source no longer eligible to be covered under the Permit-by-Rule (e.g., auto body operations completing more than 50 jobs per week or installation of an emergency generator that will increase the total brake horsepower of all emergency generators at the facility to exceed 642 hp), you are required to submit a construction permit application to Air Quality.

  • Click here for more information on construction permits

Please call 865-215-5900 or email if you have any questions or need assistance.