Knox County Tennessee

Air Pollution Control Board

The Knox County Air Pollution Control Board (Board) meets at least quarterly each year and consists of nine (9) members, each of whom represent specific organizations within Knox County (see below for current members). The Board’s responsibilities are both legislative and judicial.

The Board has the power to adopt, after receiving the recommendation of the Division Director, rules and regulations prescribing standards and procedures for carrying out an air pollution control program within Knox County, or in conjunction with other counties and municipalities. Any such rules or regulations must be publicized and available for any interested person(s) to review and comment 30 days prior to their passage. Click for current regulations in public review.

Additionally, if any person is dissatisfied with the Division Director’s decision concerning a variance or any other ruling of the Division Director, they may appeal that decision in writing to the Board. The Board will then conduct a public hearing in accordance with the procedure outlined in the Knox County Air Quality Management Regulations Section 29 Appeals. Click for the Knox County Department of Air Quality Management Regulations .

Knox County Air Pollution Control Board Members

  • Mike Conger, P.E. (Chair)
    Representing: Knoxville Regional Transportation Planning Organization
  • Robert Thomas Burns, Ph.D., P.E. (Vice-Chair)
    Representing: The University of Tennessee
  • Vacant
    Representing: Knoxville Academy of Medicine
  • Thomas V. Clabo, P.E.
    Representing: City of Knoxville
  • Aaron Fritts, P.E.
    Representing: Knox County Government
  • Linda P. Reeves, Ph.D.
    Representing: Pellissippi State Community College
  • Douglas Ross
    Representing: Knoxville Area Chamber Partnership
  • Robert R. Scott, P.E.
    Representing: Technical Society of Knoxville
  • J. Chris Sharp
    Representing: Citizens at Large

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