Knox County Tennessee

Open Burning Application

Open Burning Policies

  • I understand that this permit is not valid at any commercial property, vacant lot, or location being cleared for construction and its use is for residential use only.
  • I understand that all materials must be 3 inches or less in diameter and will be limited to materials that originated from onsite.
  • I understand that the following items are prohibited from being burned in Knox County: Grass Clippings, Leaves, Stumps, Paper, Plastic, Cardboard and/or Household Garbage. Also, Building materials such as Lumber, Pallets, insulation, copper wire, and other materials resulting from Construction. Tires and other items not listed that do not constitute brush are also prohibited.
  • I understand that burning hours are from 9:00am to 3:00pm. 7 days a week, and all flames and smoke must be completely out by 4:00pm daily.
  • I understand that the permit must be kept onsite at all times and that no fires may be left unattended at anytime.
  • I understand that the piles being burned can be no larger than 144 cubic feet each; or approximately 6ft x 6ftx x 4ft.
  • I understand that I am still responsible for any damages caused by failure to maintain control of the fire.
  • I understand that any nuisance resulting from burning may invalidate this permit.
  • I understand that adverse meteorological or weather related conditions as determined by the Director and on "air alert days," shall make this permit invalid and no open burning will be allowed.
  • I understand that all fires must be maintained at least 50 ft from any structure.