Knox County Tennessee

School Records

Records Management stores student records from many Knox County Schools and schools which were in the Knoxville City school system up through and including the dates below. Student records are filed by school, alphabetically, and by last year of attendance. If a student is currently enrolled, or has graduated or dropped after the dates listed below, the record is still in the custody of the school. Contact the school's guidance office in order to obtain a copy. You can jump to a complete list of schools and contact information by clicking on this link. Those who left the City of Knoxville school system prior to high school graduation in 1987 should contact the Knox County Archives, 601 S. Gay Street, Phone: 865-215-8800, Hours of Operation: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Knoxville City schools merged with Knox County Schools in 1986/1987.

Last years Records Management has for these schools.

AUSTIN EAST 2003 2003
BEARDEN 2002 2002
CARTER 2004 2004
CENTER 2005 2005
CENTRAL 2003 2003
FARRAGUT 2001 2001
FULTON 2002 2004
GIBBS 2002 2003
HALLS 2002 2003
KARNS 2003 2003
POWELL 2003 2004
SOUTH-DOYLE 2003 2005
WEST 2003 2003

In order to obtain copies of school records, the following are needed:
  • Full Name (as it was when you attended school)
  • Name of the Last School You Attended in the Knoxville/Knox County School System
  • Birthdate
  • Social Security Number
  • Valid Identification (if making the request in person) (driver's license, military i.d.)
  • A Signed Release Letter (if you are getting a copy for someone else)
  • Five-dollar Fee (cash, check, or money order, to cover the cost of document retrieval and photocopying)

You can provide the above information in person, by mail, or FAX transmission. The FAX number is 865-215-5665. Telephone requests cannot be accepted. State and Federal laws restrict access to student records. Please understand that Records Management, as custodian of these documents, must comply with these statutes. It does create somewhat of a burden for a former student to send a formal request or to sign a release in person. However, this is a small price to pay for insuring that copies of records are not obtained fraudulently.