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Harrell Road Stormwater Park

Harrell Road Stormwater Park is a model for stormwater management practices such as rain gardens, wetland ponds, and riparian buffers. The Harrell Road Park project converted a derelict tract of land into a sustainable, passive public park incorporating best practices in stormwater management and providing a classic example of green infrastructure techniques. The park consists of both naturally occurring and manmade wetlands, lowlands, and ridges.

A rain garden was constructed to capture runoff from the parking lot that features porous asphalt, pervious concrete, and pavers (which, unlike paved surfaces, allow some water to be absorbed back into the earth).

The 11-acre park also featured almost 4,000 feet of gravel pathways, 100 trees and interpretive signs along the paths that explain the various green practices in the park.

In addition, the park has a kayak/canoe launch that connects to the Beaver Creek Water Trail.

The park, located in the Karns’ community at 7221 Harrell Rd, is open from dawn to dusk.

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