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At Knox County Parks and Rec, we have created a new initiative to reduce our Carbon Footprint and make even more beautiful and functional spaces for our community.

This new initiative is called BLOOM - which stands for Beautifying Local Outdoor Spaces withOut Mowing.

This program will reduce mowing by 25%, which cuts carbon emissions, builds organic soil matter, and even enhances pollinating habitats for bees.

We will eliminate invasive species, restoring the balance of nature, and eradicating plants that damage our native ecosystem.

By planting greenery that is native to our local geographical area, we increase air quality and give the plants an environment to thrive.

John Tarleton Park Planting Day October 2023: Phase One

Beverly Park Planting Day October 2023: Phase One

Gibbs Ruritan Park Tree Planting Day January 2024: Phase One

BLOOM Native Plants

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