Knox County Tennessee

Circuit Court Jury Coordinator

Jury duty is an important civic and community duty that is vital to the American justice system, without jurors, the justice system cannot work fairly. Through service on a jury, citizens have a direct hand in ensuring that our system of justice is preserved. Your contribution to the judicial system is invaluable and ensures that the justice system remains in the hands of the people. We appreciate your service and are confident that you will find your jury service to be a rewarding experience.


Jury duty scams have resurfaced locally. Please be aware that the Knox county court system will never call citizens to make a request for payment of fines for failure to appear for jury duty, nor will we ask for personal information by mail or over the phone. If you are contacted by someone requesting payment on behalf of the court system DO NOT MAKE THE PAYMENT, instead immediately contact the Sherriff’s office at 865-215-2243.


Courts do not call jurors for missing jury duty

Any communication about jury duty –even if you missed your assigned time to show up – will come by mail.

The courts will never ask you to provide personal information over the phone

You will never be asked for your Social Security number, credit card or any other sensitive information over the phone. Do not provide this information or send money to any caller claiming to be from the court system.

The Sheriff’s office does not issue warrants for individuals who fail to appear for jury duty

If you miss jury duty, the courts will contact you by mail to reschedule your jury service. If you receive a call from someone claiming that you have been issued a warrant for missing jury duty, hang up and contact the Sherriff’s office.