Knox County Tennessee


Motor VehicleIn most cases, the total cost for titling and registering your vehicle in Knox County is $77.00. See below for an itemization of this charge. $77 is the fee for a standard plate. Fees vary and are more expensive for specialty and commercial tags. Specialty plates for some organizations require proof of membership. Standard fees and sales tax rates are listed below. Call (865) 215-2385 with further questions

Sales Tax

  • State Sales Tax is 7% of purchase price less total value of trade in.

  • Local Sales Tax is 2.25% of the first $1,600. This amount is never to exceed $36.00. For
    purchases in excess of $1,600, an additional state tax of 2.75% is added up to a
    maximum of $44.

  • Local collection fee is $1


  • Title Fee $14.00 + Licenses plate fee $29 (standard issue plate) = $79.00
    Knox County Wheel Tax is $36.00 and may apply when purchasing a new plate.

  • Title and transfer of existing plate $14.50.

  • The mailing fee is $2.00 if we are just mailing out a registration (for transferred tags or renewals) and $3.00 if we are mailing out a plate and registration. Make check payable to:
    Knox County Clerk, PO Box 1566, Knoxville, TN 37901
    Optional $1.00 donation to Donate Life, the Tennessee County Clerk Organ Donor
    Awareness Foundation

Sales Tax Calculator

Vehicle Purchase Price  
Trade-In Value
Sales Tax Value
TN Sales Tax
Local Sales Tax
Single Article Tax*
Total Sales Tax

*Note: If a lien is being recorded to a vehicle at the time of purchase, add $11.00 notation of lien fee to all fees listed above.

*Compute Single Article Tax

If sales tax value is equal to or less than $1600 your Single Article Tax is $0.00

If sales tax value is greater than $1600 but less than $3200 your Single Article Tax is 2.75% after $1600

If sales tax value is more than $3200 your Single Article Tax is $44.00

Disclaimer: The sales tax calculator is for informational purposes only, please see your motor vehicle clerk to confirm exact sales tax amount.