Knox County Tennessee

Replacing Lost or Stolen Tags and Decal

Motor VehicleReplacing Lost or Stolen Tags and Decals – To replace a lost or stolen tag or decal, or both, the registered owner must bring the tag receipt or the tag number into a County Clerk office. A police report is required before you can apply for a replacement tag. The Officer's name and badge number is required. No police report is required to replace only the decal. You will also need to bring a drivers license or other acceptable photo identification.

If the owner cannot personally transact this business, State law provides that he or she may designate by notarized power of attorney another person to handle the details. The notarized power of attorney document must identify the vehicle by make, model and identification number. Forms are available at any of our local offices, by calling 865-215-2385 or printing form from our website.

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