Knox County Tennessee

HSA Deduction Calculator

To determine your HSA deduction per pay period, please enter your annual election amount below (highlighted fields). The 2024 annual maxmium IRS limits for each HSA account are listed below. Employee and Employer contributions count towards the total contribution limit allowed by the IRS.

Employee Only HSA Employee + Dependents HSA
Minimum Annual Election $100.00 $100.00
Maximum Employee Contribution* $3,850.00 $7,700.00
Employer Contribution $300.00 $600.00
Total Maximum Contribution $4,150.00 $8,300.00

Pay periods remaining Employee Only HSA
Annual Contribution
Deduction per pay period
(Enter this amount in ESS)
26 $ $0.00
Employee + Dependents
HSA Annual Contribution
$ $0.00
Note: *If you are 55+, you are eligible for a catch-up contribution. Please contact Benefits if you are 55+ and want to contribution more than $7,700 annually.
Your annual election amounts will need to be changed if the highlighted fields change from yellow to red. Please confirm the minimum and maximum limits above.