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Worksite Wellness

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The average employee spends a significant portion of each day working. Because of this fact, it is vital for employers to encourage and promote wellness at their place of business. Complete wellness entails physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational and social aspects.

In collaboration with the East Tennessee Wellness Roundtable, the Knox County Health Department (KCHD) can provide educational materials, support, and guidance to assist employers in making "well" choices for and with their employees.

For a comprehensive list of free worksite wellness resources, visit Feel free to contact us with questions or needs at 865-215-5170.

East Tennessee Wellness Roundtable (ETWR)

Educational Meetings and Networking Events

The ETWR is made up of area professionals who are interested in learning more about current wellness trends, free resources, and networking opportunities. ETWR is a leader in helping area professionals create cultures of wellness at their organizations. With the help of ETWR, companies can learn how to integrate wellness into every aspect of their business. To join ETWR and receive updates about meetings and networking opportunities, email or fill out the “Join” form at

Bronze, Gold, and Platinum Recognition Program

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The ETWR has a three-tiered recognition program, awarding Bronze, Gold, and Platinum status to recognize East Tennessee worksites that exemplify excellence in worksite wellness. ETWR takes a systems approach to worksite wellness by targeting evidence-based built environment and policy changes.

To achieve ETWR Bronze, Gold, or Platinum status, worksites must demonstrate a supportive wellness infrastructure and must meet a certain number of criteria related to disease monitoring and prevention, physical activity, nutrition, mental health and substance abuse and tobacco use and prevention.

Why apply for recognition?

Recipients of ETWR Recognition gain publicity through the ETWR website, social media, and local news releases. Additionally, KCHD has received grant funding to help Knox County organizations implement evidence-based strategies and to achieve cultures of the health at their workplace. Visit to learn more about the application process, available resources, and to see examples of how KCHD grant funds have been used to support employee wellness.

For more information about worksite wellness, contact us at 865-215-5170.

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