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With more than 32 years of working on teen health in Knox County, KAPPI represents 33 organizations that collaborate on issues surrounding teen pregnancy and parenting. Click here to visit their blog, Knox Teen Health.

Knox Adolescent Partners in Prevention Initiative (KAPPI) is a community coalition working with Knox County Schools, parents, and youth-serving agencies since 1991.

We work with families to provide guidance, resources, and access to health department programs to support the healthy development of adolescents. In addition, we work to reduce pregnancy among women and girls, with special attention to helping adolescents learn about their minds and bodies. Learn more about adolescent pregnancy prevention and positive youth development and how to stay informed with our resources below.

Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Highlights

  1. Adolescent Health

Adolescent health considers all aspects of an adolescent’s life. Assessing an adolescent from the inside out, we can provide adequate resources to address their own individual needs from different approaches. The overarching goal in adolescent health that professionals and parents envision is to provide information and resources to ensure that adolescents can thrive in the environments they are in.

We can directly or indirectly contribute to building children’s wellness, their resilience, and support their development. Empowering them with the tools to recognize their physical and mental health and learn ways to strengthen their individual identity, thereby increasing confidence in themselves.

  1. Community Outreach

Our team works with community partners and schools to bring awareness and advance the conversation on adolescents that are expecting and parenting. We provide information about Unhealthy Babies, healthy relationships, and health education to teens and their parents, specifically providing programs during Adolescent Health Observance Month in May and Let’s Talk Month for Parents in October.

  1. Youth Health Board

A collaborative effort between the Knox County Health Department (KCHD) and Coordinated School Health, the Youth Health Board serves as a forum for young people to affect the well-being of our community through programs, volunteer activities, and health-related projects.

This youth-driven group provides opportunities for the students to partner with health professionals from KCHD and other community groups to explore and take action on a variety of issues. The members are selected from an applicant pool of high school students who demonstrate strong leadership skills, a commitment to the community, and an interest in health-related topics. Click here to view more details.

  1. Knox Teen Health

A project of the Knox Adolescent Partners in Prevention Initiative (KAPPI), this website is on a mission to improve teen health in Knox County. Through the Knox Teen Health project, we want teens, parents, and teachers talking with each other about the ways they can have healthy minds, bodies, and relationships. Knox Teen Health is published by the Knox County Health Department. Visit Knox Teen Health to learn more.



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