Knox County Tennessee

On-Call Fire Inspector Program

On Call Fire Inspector Program

The Knox County Fire Prevention Bureau provides an on-call fire inspector service to commercial building occupants, owners, and to the fire departments serving Knox County. The alarm center will notify the on-call fire inspector for any of the following conditions on a commercial building located in Knox County except in the Town of Farragut:

  1. Any working commercial fire or any incident involving damage to a commercial building.
  2. Activation of any fire protection system. Also failure of any fire protection system to activate when needed
    warrants notification of the on-call inspector.
  3. When notified by a fire system contractor (Morristown Automatic Sprinkler, Simplex, Knox Fire Extinguisher, etc.)
    that a fire protection system has been placed "out of service."
  4. Any condition found by the incident commander in a commercial building of a life threatening nature
    involving a code violation.
  5. Fire alarm system activation or malfunction. (False Alarms)

Inspectors insure that these required (or otherwise installed) fire protection/detection systems are repaired and placed back in service as soon as possible.

Inspectors are on-call for one week from 07:00 Monday until 07:00 the following Monday, and can be contacted for any fire inspection related needs that arise during these hours.

To contact the on call Inspector:
8:00 - 4:30 Monday through Friday
Phone: 215.4660

After normal business hours and on weekends call:
Rural Metro Communication Center 675.4600