Knox County Tennessee

New Construction Inspection Program

New construction inspectors perform all required inspections on commercial occupancies requiring a permit from Knox County Code Administration.  The new construction team takes the reviewed plans and adopted codes and applies them to all new commercial building construction and to existing buildings being renovated. Inspections are conducted on a project from the initial foundation inspection to the final inspection when the required Certificate of Occupancy is issued. Meetings are conducted often to clarify code requirements and are recommended during the initial stages, even pre-construction stages of a project.  Some examples of activities are:

  • Consultations
  • Framing and firewall inspections
  • Certificate of occupancy inspections
  • Progress checks
  • Coordinating new hydrant testing
  • Suppression system testing
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Fuel tank and piping installation and testing
  • Misdemeanor citations
  • Court testimony

All new construction inspections requiring approval of the Knox County Fire Prevention Bureau must be scheduled directly with the Fire Bureau by calling 215-4666.