Knox County Tennessee

Fire Hydrant Obstruction Complaint Program

The Knox County Fire Prevention Bureau inspectors receive and investigate fire hydrant complaints submitted by county residents and by the four fire departments that protect the residents of Knox County. Examples of types of complaints received are:

  • Hydrants that are obstructed by landscaping, utility equipment, fences, brush or any other types of obstruction.
  • Hydrants that are buried in mulch beds or by developers during construction to the point that the hydrant can’t be used by the fire department.
  • Inoperative hydrants. Dry hydrants, stems stuck or broken, street valves not fully open, or marked out of service.
  • Leaking hydrants
  • Hydrant equipment missing (caps)
Bureau inspectors address these issues with the property owners or with the appropriate utility district to resolve the hydrant issues.

To report a hydrant issue call the Knox County Fire Prevention Bureau at 865-215-4686
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Fire Prevention

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