Knox County Tennessee

Civil Sessions Court

Charles D. Susano III

Clerk of Circuit Court, Civil Sessions Court,
and Juvenile Court

Fee changes effective July 1, 2024

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The Civil Sessions Help Center is now available on this webpage and at a kiosk on the third floor of the Old Knox County Courthouse.  It provides information to people who are representing themselves in Civil Sessions Court using two short videos that explain how to file a lawsuit and how to present a case during a trial.

Please click this link to view the videos or visit the kiosk located outside the Knox County Civil Sessions Court Clerk’s Office.

Message to New Deputy Clerks

Dear Fellow Knox Countian:

Thank you for visiting our website.

The Tennessee State Constitution divided Tennessee’s ninety-five counties into thirty-one judicial districts, which include Circuit and Chancery Courts.  The Civil Sessions Court, or “small claims” court, hears cases under $25,000.  The Juvenile Court hears matters pertaining to juveniles.  Under Tennessee State law, with few exceptions, juvenile records are private.  The Circuit Court is a court of general jurisdiction and may also hear appeals from courts of limited jurisdiction.

My goal as the Clerk of the Circuit, Civil Sessions and Juvenile Courts is to provide the highest level of service to the people of our county at the least cost to the taxpayers.  I intend to emphasize customer service as my staff and I perform our duties as promptly, courteously and as efficiently as possible.

By utilizing our website, you can visit the Civil Sessions Court Help Center on this webpage. There are two videos readily accessible explaining how to file a lawsuit and how to make a presentation in the Civil Sessions Courts. You may watch the videos here: Civil Sessions Court Kiosk

There is also a kiosk on the third floor of the Old Knox County Courthouse where you can go for information.

To examine the dockets for the Circuit Court, please follow this link: Circuit Court Dockets

The Clerk’s office is the administrative arm of the courts and my administration will make every effort to stress service to the public and provide whatever information is requested, when legally permissible to do.  Our office may not provide legal advice as it is prohibited by Tennessee State law.

Knox County is a wonderful place to live and I am proud to represent all of you as your Circuit Court Clerk. My staff and I will work hard each day to provide you the best possible service. Thank you for this incredible honor.