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Five Points Up is a community-led organization consisting of individuals and leaders from East Knoxville. The group’s mission is to reduce health inequities in the Five Points neighborhood by beautifying and unifying East Knoxville. The Knox County Health Department helps facilitate and support Five Points Up to address health equity in the Five Points community.

Health inequities are unfair, avoidable and unjust health outcomes. An example of a health inequity is that black Knox County residents are more likely to have high blood pressure than white Knox County residents, according to the Knox County Health Department’s 2014 Community Health Assessment. There is no real reason why more black residents should have higher blood pressure rates as compared to white residents. This is a health inequity in our community.

Five Points Up works towards its mission through community– building events and projects. These events and projects include the East Knoxville Community-Wide Clean-Up, Five Points Winter Wonderland and the Five Points Community Resource Guide.

The group’s current focus is increasing access to healthy foods (food access) in East Knoxville.

Five Points Up contact information:

  • Five Points Up Chair, Tanisha Baker:
  • Five Points Up Facilitator, Knox County Health Department: 865-215-5170

Five Points Community Resource Guide

Five Points Up and the Knox County Health Department worked together on the 2nd edition of the Five Points Community Resource Guide. The boundaries for this guide are:

  • North: I-40
  • South: Dandridge and Brooks Avenues
  • East: Chilhowee Drive
  • West: Hall of Fame Drive

This guide’s goal is to inform community members and organizations about all the resources and services in East Knoxville. The guide’s second goal is to make it easier for community members to use the resources and services in their area.

Compiling and updating the resource guide is a community effort. The group wants your input in making this guide as helpful as possible to the East Knoxville neighborhood. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the guide, please contact the Knox County Health Department at 865-215-5170.

This version was updated in February 2017. Five Points Up plans on updating and publishing a new version of the resource guide once a year. 

View the guide online HERE. To print the guide, download this printable version HERE.

To request physical copies of the resource guide for yourself, your community/neighborhood group, business, faith organization or other organization, contact Five Points Up at 865-215-5170. 

Food Access

In May 2016, Five Points Up decided that its first health focus would be increasing access to healthy foods in East Knoxville and the Five Points neighborhood.

East Knoxville is categorized as a food desert by the United States Department of Agriculture. A food desert is an area that does not have access to fresh fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods.

But East Knoxville is home to several creative organizations working to increase access to healthy foods in all East Knoxville neighborhoods, including Five Points. Five Points Up’s goal is to highlight these organizations. This is a first step in supporting food access in East Knoxville.

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