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Fire Truck and Fire Station Visits

One of the ways in which fire departments in Knox County educate children in the community are through fire truck visits to schools, churches, daycares, and so forth.  A truck visit generally consists of a fire truck on-site at the requesting school, church, etc.  The firefighters on the truck can (upon request) speak briefly to the group of children regarding fire prevention and safety.  They can also put on their turnout gear as they explain its function and allow the children to hear the various sounds that are produced once the firefighter’s air pack is in use.  The firefighters can then take the children out to the fire truck and explain some of its features and even allow the children to briefly pass through the cabin of the apparatus.

Fire station visits are another avenue through which fire departments in Knox County raise community awareness about fire safety and fire departments in general.

If you would like to schedule a fire truck or station visit, you may do so by calling the fire department that serves your community listed below:

Rural Metro Fire Department  - 215-4662 or 215-4667
Karns Volunteer Fire Department - 691-1333
Seymour Volunteer Fire Department -573-7475
Heiskell Volunteer Fire Department- 938-4385
City of Knoxville Fire Department - 595-4468

If you are not sure which fire department serves your community you may call the Knox County Fire Prevention Bureau at 215-4660.

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