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Smoke Detector Program

Can’t Afford a Smoke Detector?....We’re here to help!

The Knox County Fire Prevention Bureau, in conjunction with Rural Metro Fire Department, can provide and install (free of charge) one smoke detector per residence for those persons unable to purchase one. The Fire Bureau purchases the detectors and Rural Metro installs them. Residents must purchase additional smoke detectors at a local retailer.  Rural Metro is willing to install any additional smoke detectors along with the one provided by the Fire Bureau.

Smoke detectors save lives!  Properly functioning smoke detectors can increase your chance of surviving a fire by fifty percent.  We want every home in Knox County to have working smoke detectors and our smoke detector program is an important factor in reaching that goal. Our program is substantially maintained through the contributions of outside sources.  If you would like to make a donation toward this program, please contact us at 215-4660. 

If you live in Knox County*, and cannot afford a smoke detector, please contact us via one of the methods below.  This also applies for the Halls, Heiskell, Karns, and Seymour areas.

(A) Complete the Smoke Detector Request Form by clicking the button at the bottom of this page. After completing this form press the submit request button at the bottom of the request form.

(B) You may also call the smoke alarm request line at 215-FIRE (215-3473).  Be sure to leave your name, address, phone number, and specify you are calling to request a smoke alarm.

*(If you live in the City of Knoxville, you need to contact 595-4672.  Be sure to leave your name, address, phone number, and specify you are calling to request a smoke alarm.)

Smoke Detector Request Submittal Form
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