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Highway Improvement Projects





Hardin Valley and Greenland Way

Installation of a traffic signal

Estimated Completion February 2016


Hardin Valley and SR 162

Installation of a right turn lane on Hardin Valley for NB SR 162 traffic

Estimated Completion February 2016


National Drive and Asbury Road ITS

Installation of activated flasher and dynamic speed signs

Estimated Completion April 2016


Asbury Road Drainage Improvements

Road will be raised and larger piping installed to prevent road flooding.

Estimated Completion June 2016






Gibbs Middle School Access Improvements

Widening along Tazewell Pike to accommodate for new school entrance

Estimated Completion August 2016


Hardin Valley Middle School Access Improvements

Widening along Hardin Valley and Steel Roads to accommodate for new school entrance

Estimated Completion August 2016


Powell Elementary & Middle Sidewalk Improvements

Construction of new sidewalks on Shropshire Blvd., Staffordshire Blv., and Wells Drive 

Estimated Completion August 2016


George Williams Road and Cedar Bluff Road Pedestrian Improvements

Construction of Pedestrian Refuge Islands and Flashers

Estimated Completion August 2016


Dante Road and Greer Road

Intersection improvements to widen radius and lane widths

Estimated Completion December 2016



Canton Hollow Road and Wood Drive


Re-Alignment of existing intersection to improve sight distance and curvature.


Estimated Completion October 2016


Ebenezer Road and Gleason Drive

Intersection Improvements to include: relocation of existing intersection, turn lanes, and signalization

Estimated Completion October 2016


Parkside Drive

Improve to 5 lanes (with center turn lane) from Hayfield Road to Mabry Hood Road.

Estimate Completion December 2016


Halls Connector


Improve Maynardville Highway and Norris Freeway, addition of lanes, signals, bridge widening, etc.

Estimate Completion December 2016


Karns Connector Phase 2

New roadway connection from Westcott Boulevard to Oak Ridge Highway

Estimate Completion May 2017


Schaad Road Phase 2

New 4 lane median divided roadway from Middlebrook Pike to Ball Road

Estimated Completion June 2018


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