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Halls Connector Project

The Halls Connector Project has now moved from the planning stage to design. This project was conceived to improve the transportation connection along the Emory Road corridor east and west of Maynardville Highway in the Halls community. Four alternates were developed. Based on cost-effectiveness, right-of-way requirements, public input and other factors, the preferred is Alternate 3 (click on link for schematic). The environmental study and roadway improvement plans are being prepared, and the project is included in the county’s Capital Projects list.

  • Alternate 3 also emphasizes the use of Norris Freeway but without the new roadway. Drivers would be able to turn left from Norris Freeway to proceed north on Maynardville Highway then east on Emory Road.

Knox County wants to know your thoughts concerning these alternatives. You may submit your comments by calling the Community Outreach Office at 215-HELP
or by e-mail.


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