Knox County District Attorney General - Charme P. Allen

Charme P. Allen Sworn in as First Female District Attorney General in Knox County

Posted: 9/02/2014Feature Photo

August 29, 2014, marked a new era in Knox County political and legal history, as Charme P. Allen became the first female District Attorney General in Knox County, and the tenth person to be elected to the position in the last 100 years.  Her family, friends, and co-workers, along with many Knox County voters and other elected officials, were in attendance to witness the historic ceremony.  General Allen will serve an 8-year term as Knox County's top law enforcement officer.  She leads an office that is currently staffed with 38 attorneys and 37 support staff whose primary function is enforcing the laws of the State of Tennessee.

Along with enforcing state law, General Allen’s goals for her new administration include partnering with other law enforcement and community agencies to increase public safety and education.  Her motto, “Tough on Crime, Smart on Prevention,” will be implemented throughout all levels of the Office of the District Attorney General to achieve maximum impact within our community.  She has also restructured the office organization and has announced her new administration that will be heading up those changes.  Her new Chief Deputy and second-in-command is Samuel K. Lee and her Deputies are veteran prosecutors William H. Crabtree, Leland L. Price, and Kyle A. Hixson.

To learn more about General Allen, please visit the Meet the DA section of the website.    Likewise, to learn more about her Executive Team, please visit the Meet the Executive Team section. 



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