Knox County District Attorney General - Charme P. Allen

Team Justice!

Posted: 8/26/2015Feature Photo


Before taking office in September 2014, I set many goals that I wanted to achieve as your District Attorney, and with the immeasurable help of my Team, I began the ambitious process of attaining those goals.  Here’s a quick update of how I restructured the Office during my first year as DA:

  • Implemented a chain of command by appointing a Chief Deputy District Attorney General and three Deputy District Attorneys General;
  • Created three new Special Prosecution Units (Career Criminal/Gang Unit, Elder Abuse Unit, and Domestic Violence Unit);
  • Reactivated, reorganized, or renamed 4 Special Prosecution Units (White Collar Crime Unit, Felony Drug Unit, Major Crimes Unit, and DUI Unit);
  • Defined the case parameters for each Special Prosecution Unit;
  • Created the Community Affairs Unit and appointed a Community Affairs Coordinator to oversee the Unit;
  • Appointed a Training Coordinator to ensure that our Staff receives necessary training and continuing legal education;
  • Appointed 8 new Project Manager positions (Public Information Officer, Legislative Liaison, Office Historian/Statistician, Intern/Extern Coordinator, Special Projects Managers (2), Grants Director, Recruiting/Hiring Committee Chair, and Online Media/Website Development Director);
  • Adopted new Office policies and procedures;
  • Reassigned many Staff members to new locations within the Office;
  • Reorganized the internal case management flow and the case filing system;
  • Issued regular press releases to keep the media and public informed about our daily work; and, 
  • Launched this website and a corresponding Facebook page to highlight Office’s activities and keep the public up-to-date.

While we still have much work to do and many goals to realize to fulfill my vision of being “Tough on Crime, Smart on Prevention,” I think we’re off to a great start.   

Via our website, I plan to update you on the progress we have made thus far to achieve my other goals.  I also plan to continually inform you of “What We Do” with website features on community initiatives that were created by our new Community Affairs Unit such as the Project L.E.A.D. Program.  Additionally, the website will offer insight as to “Who We Are” by highlighting the members of my Staff, their accomplishments, and their most current assignments within the Office. 

Under the “Who We Are” section, we’ve already briefed you on our Executive Team, so we will kick-off upcoming features with an overview of the remainder of my Staff.  We will begin with the Attorneys and Support Staff of Juvenile Court, continue with those of the General Sessions Courts, Grand Jury, Criminal Court Divisions, and Special Units, and then finish with the Administrative Staff, Investigators, and Project Managers. 

I am extremely proud of the work our Office does for the 6th Judicial District, and credit my Staff for their daily professionalism, enthusiasm, and hard work.  So without further ado, please let me introduce you to the members of “Team Justice!”


Charme P. Allen
District Attorney General
6th Judicial District



City County Building 400 Main Street
Suite 168
Knoxville, TN 37902