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Greg Eshbaugh recognized as DUI Prosecutor of the Year

Posted: 12/04/2018Feature Photo

The Tennessee Highway Safety Office awarded Assistant District Attorney Greg Eshbaugh with the 2018 DUI Prosecutor of the Year for the Eastern Division.

Greg Eshbaugh has served the State of Tennessee as an assistant district attorney for nearly 12 years. For the majority of his career he has prosecuted DUI cases. He currently works for the Knox County District Attorney General’s Office and is the go-to-person for all cases involving DUI offenses. Through a joint effort with local law enforcement, the Office’s DUI specialized prosecution unit seeks to reduce the number of DUI related fatalities and injuries in Knox County. In 2017, DUI related fatalities and injuries in Knox County were reduced by 16 percent.

Members of the Knox County District Attorney General’s office, as well as the defense bar, frequently reach out to Greg when working on DUI cases because of his competency and ability to dissect complex cases. Local law enforcement officers practically have Greg’s phone number on speed dial because he answers their call no matter what time it is and is always willing to help. He prepares search warrants when necessary for blood draws for impaired drivers and is also known to go to scenes of fatalities.

Specifically for the office, Greg works to simplify processes and keeps a close eye on DUI offenses and offenders. He oversees Habitual Motor Vehicle Offender petitions and handles all indictments and presentments for DUI cases.  In addition to his day-to-day work, he conducts trainings and mock trials for TBI agents. He initiates and encourages cooperation between agencies in order to successfully prosecute cases and to keep our roadways and community safe. He also keeps his co-workers apprised of new developments pertaining to DUI law

Over the years, he has worked thousands of DUI cases and several vehicular homicide cases. One case in particular that stands out involved a bus crash where two people were killed and 11 more victims were injured. Greg helped find justice for the victims by getting the defendant to plead guilty to vehicular homicide and receive a 40-year prison sentence. While Greg’s sharp legal mind wins cases, his compassion for victims and victims’ families should also be noted. He has a great rapport with victims and their families which help build trust and confidence in the justice system. Greg truly goes above and beyond every day with the mission of seeking justice by pursuing the guilty and protecting the innocent.



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