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High School Job Shadow Program Offers Prosecutor Perspective

Posted: 06/08/2018Feature Photo

Although summer comes as a much needed break for many students, a select number of high schoolers chose to participate in the District Attorney General High School Job Shadow Program, June 4-8. The students were selected from an application process for the opportunity to shadow professionals who work in the District Attorney General’s Office. The shadow program is designed for high school students who live in Knox County and demonstrate a strong interest in learning about the District Attorney General’s Office.

From their arrival on Monday to their departure on Friday, the students were given various opportunities to observe the inner workings of the District Attorney General’s Office. The first day of the program offered a meet-and-greet with District Attorney General Charme Allen. General Allen spoke of the program’s importance by saying, “Prosecutors aren’t as visible in the community as other professionals in the criminal justice system. Citizens typically see and observe law enforcement officers on a daily basis. This program allows for students to get a glimpse at what it is like to be a prosecutor for the State of Tennessee and to see how hard they work to keep the community safe. I am proud of these students for taking time out of their summer to explore career options and I’m thrilled they are interested in pursuing justice.”

Throughout the week, the students’ mornings consisted of observing various court proceedings, and shadowing assistant district attorneys. The second half of the day was composed of informational sessions on the special prosecution unit in the office and emerging trends impacting the community. Topics included an overview of the criminal justice system with Assistant District Attorney Joe Welker, Criminal Court Support with Victim Witness Coordinator Patty Boardwine, white collar crimes with Assistant District Attorneys Willie Santana and Bill Bright, and a question and answer session with Assistant District Attorneys Nate Ogle, Jennifer Welch, and Rachel Russell.

Each day brought new knowledge and opportunities for the students and by the time the week was over, each student had gained a better understanding of the criminal justice system through the program. West High School junior Mick Rash shared why he chose to apply for the program. “I applied because a career in law is something I have been seriously considering, and, because I am so close to college, I have to make the choice about my career soon. I wanted to get firsthand experience here.” Farragut High School sophomore Sarah Garner said in her last days of the program, “I would totally recommend this because lots of people, like me, don’t know that much of what goes on in the criminal justice system, and through this experience you get to see how things work and what they are really like. Things aren’t really like they are on T.V.”

For more information about the High School Job Shadow Program, please contact Community Affairs Director Emily Scheuneman at emily.scheuneman@knoxcounty.orgor 865-215-2515.



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